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A woman entrepreneur with an aim to promote women entrepreneurship

Sia Dalvi Prabhu is a co-founder of “Creative HR Solutions”. It is a start-up she has founded along with her mother. Sia pursued her Bachelor in Computer Application degree in Goa and then moved to Pune to pursue her MBA. She worked in Pune for 5 years and then moved back to Goa. Sia, along with her mother started her own start-up in June 2020. Through her start-up she aims at promoting women entrepreneurship in Goa as well as in India. In conversation with Susparsha Gaikwad, Reporter at Goa Chronicle. What difference do you experience between Goa and Pune?

Sia: Cultural difference is predominant among the two states. Goa’s work culture differs from Pune’s work culture. In Pune, people are more open to taking suggestions and learning new skills. I see that lacking in Goan work culture. Pune being an IT hub offers good job opportunities. I find people of Goa are more rigid and do accept change easily. They are very much sceptical of Non-Goans. Do you think there are much growth opportunities in Goa?

Sia: There is considerable amount of opportunities in Goa. But Non-Goans are preferred in those positions. Goa hosts many pharmaceutical companies. But not many Goans are employed there. The most evident reason could be that we Goans lack the right attitude required to learn new skills and grow. Goan youth prefer to move out of Goa in search of better opportunities but still they are not flexible towards learning new skills. What factors according to you stand in the way of India’s growth?

Sia: The only major factor that stands in the way of our growth is that people of our country do not want to change. They are not willing to adapt to any sorts of changes. The government is trying its best to move the country towards digitalisation but most of us still want to work the old school way. How do you think can we tackle the issues that the nation is facing?

Sia: In order to bring about a change, companies need to be flexible enough to make some systematic changes in its working. Government also needs to widen its horizons and lay emphasis on agricultural sector, and tourism as well. These two sectors have much scope to grow in near future. But government alone cannot work towards developing the nation. It requires people’s cooperation. These two bodies go hand in hand with each other. Is India progressing in the right direction?

Sia: Yes, the country is progressing in the right direction. There are a few things that we need to work on though. People of the country need to be broad minded. We should cooperate with the government in decisions that are in favour of the nation’s development. I see a class divide within the country. The trend is such that the rich is becoming richer and the poor is becoming poorer. Within this, the middle class suffers the most. Because they are neither progressing nor gaining something worthwhile but are paying all the taxes. I believe that there is a need to implement the concept of substantial equality.


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