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Tamil Nadu Chronicle

Tamil Nadu Chronicle.com is a 24×7 online news portal with news and views on current affairs, business, sports and entertainment focused on TamilNadu, India, Middle East & Africa, US, UK and Europe and other global nations.

At TamilNaduChronicle.com we use traditional methods of raw investigations, intelligence networks in India and Internationally to source revealing documents, data, video or pictures of stories few journalists refuse to dig deep into.

TamilNaduChronicle.com is a small team of effective journalists with a single mission ‘Journalism of Truth’.

If you’ve got a story and you want to expose it with facts and documents write into savio@tamilnaduchronicle.com

Kaydence Media Ventures

Kaydence Media Ventures – is the media firm that focuses on online media news content.

It currently owns the GoaChronicle.com, IndianExpose.com and Incubees.com.

Kaydence Media Ventures is a portfolio firm of Kaydence Media Holdings company that invests into online media news portal and innovative information products in India and Internationally.

It office is headquartered in Goa with offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai.

To get in touch write into savio@kaydencemediaventures.com


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