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Vishal Wadikar is an IAS aspirant from Nanded. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications. In conversation with Susparsha Gaikwad, Reporter at Tamilnadu Chronicle. Why did you decide to move to Delhi?

Vishal: Aspiring for IAS, it was next to impossible to prepare for the exam staying in my hometown. Or even in Pune for that matter. As most of my friends stay in Pune, it would have been a distraction for me. Whereas Delhi has a lot to offer to prepare for UPSC. There is a huge number of coaching classes to choose from. Some of the country’s best IAS coaching institutions are based in Delhi. They offer proper guidance and required support for an IAS aspirant. How did COVID-19 lockdown impact your life?

Vishal: The initial phases of the lockdown were extremely helpful. As no one was allowed to step out of the house, I completely focussed on my preparations for the exam. But then the dates were postponed due to the pandemic so I relaxed my study schedule a little bit. I learnt to cook. Initially out of compulsion though but as days passed I developed interest and started enjoying the process of cooking. Do you think India is heading in the right direction?

Vishal:  Partly yes. But there are also things that are going wrong in the country. Secularism which is supposed to be the pillar of Indian democracy seems to be crumbling now. Demonetisation cannot be considered an absolutely effective decision. Though it has had indirect benefits. It could not curb black money which was said to be its core agenda but due to demonetisation, majority of us turned towards digital transactions. The structural reforms that are taking place will have immense benefits in the long run. The centralised authority of the country hampers the notion of democratic country. What factors according to you hamper the growth of India?

Vishal: Numerous factors are responsible for holding the country back. There is no unity among the people of India. There is no democracy in decision making in the country. Government makes hasty decisions without taking people’s opinions into consideration. Decisions are made in a spur of a second, but implementation takes time as we do not have an action plan ready for it. Also, we do not practice NAM now. India seems to have become a Pro US and pro capitalist nation. What can be done to tackle the issues that the nation is facing?

Vishal: There is a need for a stronger and assertive opposition. In order to ensure proper working of the government bodies, the pressure groups need to be vocal.  Voices of people need to be heard by the government. Pressure groups need to be vocal. Visionary youth of the nation has to be involved in politics. Educational reforms are mandatory as it has a greater strength to change the nation. Moral values need to be inculcated among children from a very young age which would facilitate decision making for them. This will make them better citizens of the country and will thus give the society a better leader.

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